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Mediterranean Salad + Falafel

Salad with fresh vegetables & homemade dressing served with 1 piece of falafel.

Main Course – Pick One Item

Falafel Roll

Fried Falafel, lettuce and tomato wrapped in a roll, finished with a spread of hummus & tahina.

Chicken Shawarma Roll

Chicken Shawarma shaves, served with lettuce, tomatoes, garlic mint sauce, harissa mayo and tahini sauce inside tortilla bread.

Vegetarian OR Chicken Moussaka

Layers of ground herbed mixed vegetables, potatoes, peppers, spices & rich creamy bechamel sauce served with rice.

Lamb Kebab Kofta

Char-grilled minced lamb mixed with Arabic herbs & spices served with Arabic Rice.

Shish Taouk

Chef’s signature dish – chicken cubes specially marinated overnight with Lebanese herbs & spices, char-grilled to perfection served with grilled vegetables and rice.

Beef Kebab

Char-grilled beef cubes marinated in chef’s special spices served with grilled vegetables and oriental Arabic rice.

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Beef Kebab, Chicken Moussaka, Chicken Shawarma Roll, Falafel Roll, Lamb Kebab Kofta, Shish Taouk, Vegetarian Moussaka